About Us

Undiscovered London goes back to the days when Sam and Marco were filling in at a London youth hostel.

Sam was (and still is) working on a book, having recently returned from adventures travelling the world and working as a Winston Churchill Fellow and foreign correspondent for the New Statesman in Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Marco was gigging around the UK and Continental Europe as frontman of the band White Man Kamikaze (now frontman of a new band They Uncultured), making short films and writing ridiculous sitcoms.

Helping out in the hostel was a way for Sam and Marco to help pay the rent, while staying in touch – however vicariously – with the travelling world they both loved.

During this time, they spoke to a lot of frustrated travellers who were fed up with winding up at the usual tourist trap bars. It seemed there was no easy way for travellers to meet people, party and get to know some really good pubs and clubs at the same time.

Marco and Sam had a brainwave. They realised they could do something to bring all these great people from all over the world together, while having a good time, listening to great sounds and earning some extra pocket money.

After a couple of months spent meeting with and slowly winning over the movers and shakers at Camden’s leading music venues, the Camden Pub Crawl was born!

Small at first, just a handful of people partying around Camden a couple of nights a week, listening to local bands and drinking by the canal and in the Stables Markets, slowly word began to spread… The Camden Pub Crawl was one of the best (and cheapest) nights out in London – a perfect way for locals and travellers from all over the world to meet, thrown together for a night in Camden. More and more people started showing up.

Until one Friday night things exploded. Suddenly there were more than a hundred people all waiting expectantly to do the Camden Pub Crawl. Marco and Sam looked at each other, and ordered a stiff drink.

Things have changed since then, with new tours, our own illustrated London guide and a bigger crew, but the idea is still the same: to show people a great time, treat them like friends and provide a locals’ insight into London – our home, and one of the great cities of the world.